Challenge Us

Packexe® is continually working with customers and professionals to research and develop products in order to maintain their position as market leader through innovations. 

Previous examples of this include:

Each of the films in the Self-adhesive protection range (Carpet, Hardfloor, Glass & Glazing and Multi-surface) were developed in conjunction with construction companies to ensure the unique grades of adhesive produced would fulfil the requirements of the end user.

Packexe designed and created Packexe SMASH® to provide an innovative safety glass management solution, to replace the current ‘soft protection’ methods used by the Fire and Rescue Service in a extrication procedure. Packexe developed the product with the UK Fire and Rescue Services, to increase the strength of glass by approximately 42% greatly reducing the risk of breakage.

Do you have an alternative use for our current products?

Is there a gap in your current working methods?

Do you use a “does the job” product just because there is no alternative?

Share your thoughts, we will share our experience