2017年9月20日 下午1:47
An innovative glass management film designed for fire & rescue services worldwide turns out to be a fitting solution for a company of window installers.
2017年9月20日 下午12:42
Packexe risked losing a large amount from the Icelandic volcano ash cloud. Absent members of staff were turning out to be the least of their worries.
2017年6月13日 下午12:09
We have been in national press following completion of a project with Aerospace Bristol which involved wrapping Concorde.
2015年7月30日 下午4:26
Used by Fire Services across the UK and distributed in over 45 countries around the world, Packexe® SMASH is regarded by all who use it as an essential part of extrication kit. The Time Critical Glass Management product ensures that vehicle glass is managed while extrication is taking place. With the application of Packexe® SMASH, the glass is securely held, allowing emergency personnel to cut through vehicles without risk of injury from flying glass, dust and offers protection for any trapped patients inside the vehicle.
2015年4月20日 下午12:42
In this video by FireRescue1, Chief Rob Wylie takes you through the features and benefits of Packexe® SMASH. Protecting rescue teams and casualties during road accident rescues, Packexe® SMASH holds glass in place, reducing the risk of injury from glass fragments and dust.
2014年11月26日 下午12:46
Packexe's CEO, Andrew Orchard, visited the Sundsvall Ambulance Station in Sweden to find out about their use of Packexe SMASH in ambulances for infection control. This use was developed due to the recent Ebola crisis. This video shows the benefits of using Packexe SMASH and how it can save valuable time and money in the fight against infectious diseases.