FLEECE Protector

RE-USABLE Self adhesive protection for delicate surfaces

Choose the FLEECE film for temporary protection of delicate surfaces

This film has a fleece layer that helps to reduce impact damage from objects dropping on to delicate surfaces, such as wooden or tiled flooring. The top layer provides a low-slip surface and protection from spillages, heavy foot traffic, scratching and other dirt and debris. The film can be swept, mopped and vacuumed throughout the project to keep the work area clean.

The low-tack adhesive makes it suitable for most surfaces, is easily removed, and will not leave a sticky residue. This film is reusable 10+ times under normal circumstances. FLEECE can be used with existing Packexe dispensers for quick and easy application, as well as re-rolling back on to the roll for storage.

While this film can reduce impact damage from fallen objects, it cannot protect from damage in all circumstances. Additional surface protection is advised for very valuable or fragile surfaces.

Fleece roll sizes (can be bought singly from stockists):

625mm   width x   10 metre length (6.25m²) 8 rolls per box
625mm   width x   25 metre length (15.6m²) 4 rolls per box
1250mm width x   50 metre length (62.5m²)  1 roll per box

Dispensers to fit:

625mm width rolls

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