It has been a lifesaver! “I needed some as I had the builders in. The product has been down now on my stairs for about 5 weeks, such that the red branding has been worn away by the boots and general wear and tear. It has been a lifesaver, each night, using a dustpan and brush, we clean up and a wipe with a damp cloth and we are clean and tidy. Thanks for your help” Mark Hanson
Mark Hanson
Packexe is great value for money! I think is superb I use it in my caravan on the floor carpet to keep it clean as I have a dog and it is just the right width to put down without the need to cut it it works just great it also lasts about six weeks with non stop use ,with the wife /me and the boss (dog) after two years use the carpet is in pristine condition I would and have recommended your product to other people and caravanners it,s great value for money.
David Thompson, Manchester
Great for protecting glass! I attach a copy of a couple of images which show the film in use during our extensive alterations made to the house. The material was used to protect glazing units that were installed prior to a large amount of works being completed. The film was great for protecting the glass from dust plaster etc.
Adam Tansey : Burbage
I write to you to congratulate you on producing an exceptional product in Packexe. We primarily use your Packexe for carpet and Packexe for hard floor products, and although admit to road-testing other ‘similar’ products, have to say that nothing comes close to the quality, reliability and durability of Packexe. Our core business is supplying decorative services to beautiful homes and we need absolute confidence that the surface protection we deploy will be totally reliable – Packexe delivers every time. We won’t accept any substitute.
Mark Haywood, Proprietor : The Decorating Company
I am always to first to suggest Packexe... I had used Packexe Protection Film last year when I was having a loft conversion, unfortunately I did not take any pictures, but I just had to say that I have raved about it ever since. We followed the easy to use instructions and put it on our stairs and landing and it remained there for over 7 weeks. Even the guys doing the conversion were impressed as it is well known that dust sheets are completely hopeless. After 7 weeks when we peeled off the Packexe Protection Film the carpet looked brand new again. If any friends of family are ever doing any decorating I am always the first to suggest they get Packexe Protection Film. There are other substitutes out there but none of them come close. Also the quickness in which Packexe was delivered was also very impressive.
Janice Brown


Why are there four types of film?

Each film has a unique strength of adhesive as different surfaces require different types of protection.  Packexe® has custom designed four products, each uniquely branded and colour coded for easy identification, making it simpler to find the correct product with the suitable level of adhesive for your surface.

What are the benefits in comparison to the cardboard sheeting I am currently using?

The adhesive technology of Packexe® protection films provides a secure grip, preventing movement and rucking up, therefore reducing the risk of slips and trips.  Packexe® allows protection right up to the edge of the surface, protecting against debris and spillages. The film can be vacuumed, swept or mopped throughout the project.

How long can you leave it down for?

It is recommended that Packexe® self-adhesive protection films are used for no more than 4-6 weeks

Can I use one film on all surfaces?

No, a different strength of adhesive is required for each type of surface in order for the film to stick securely and ensuring easy removal without leaving a residue.  One film will not perform on all surfaces as it will be too sticky for some, leaving residue on removal and not sticky enough for others, causing it to shift, creating an unsafe surface.

I have used the wrong grade of film on a surface and it has left residue, what shall I do?

The best way to remove any residue is by using a damp cloth with diluted white spirit, six parts water to one part white spirit. If unsure, we recommend that you contact us for advice on the best way to remove it.

Are the films re-useable or can they only be used the once?

All films in the Packexe® range offer temporary protection and can only be used once.

Can I use Packexe® films on surfaces with under floor heating?

We recommend that you turn off the under floor heating before and during application of Packexe® films, as the heat may affect the performance of the adhesive.

What will happen if I drag something sharp over the film?

Packexe® self-adhesive protection films are very durable under general wear and tear; however, they are plastic films and will tear under intense pressure. We recommend that you double layer areas that are subject to heavy traffic.

Can the products be used outside?

Packexe® Glass & Glazing can be used on external glass and windows; however the other products in the range are designed for indoor use.  If you are unsure, please contact us and we will be happy to offer advice.

Is it expensive?

No, when you calculate the cost of cleaning or replacing flooring, surfaces and glass. It is also quick and easy to use, saving on labour time and therefore cost.

Packexe® self-adhesive protection films are competitively priced in comparison to clear unbranded films, and offer higher traceability through the colour coded branding.

How much is it?

Please contact your local stockist for prices, alternatively please call us on 01392 438191.

There is no stockist in my local area, where can I purchase Packexe® films?

Packexe® self-adhesive protection films are now available at Dulux Decorating Centres and Johnstones stores nationwide. If your local store does not stock Packexe® you can request it in store and they will source if from their central office. Alternatively please contact us directly.

Are your products available in smaller quantities for home users?

Please contact us.