Packexe® SMASH
Time critical glass management for vehicle extrication

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Protecting rescue teams and casualties during road accident rescues, Packexe SMASH holds glass in place, reducing the risk of injury from glass fragments and dust.



Packexe SMASH makes vehicle extrication safer in 3 ways:

Proven to strengthen glass

Tests undertaken by Exeter Advanced Technologies at the University of Exeter in July 2009 prove that the strength of glass is increased by approximately 42%, greatly reducing the risk of breakage under stress.

No need to remove glass before cutting 

Once Packexe SMASH is applied, the glass is safe. This means that hydraulic cutting and spreading tools can be used to free casualties without the delay caused by prior glass removal.

Safe glass removal 

In many rescue situations access to the casualty can be achieved most quickly by the removal of a single window or windscreen. If Packexe SMASH is applied first, the window can be broken and removed without danger.

Packexe SMASH Kit


Other applications

Originally developed as a road accident extrication aid, Packexe SMASH is increasingly used by emergency services worldwide for glass management in a variety of situations, especially forced entry to buildings. Packexe welcomes your news of innovative applications of the system. Contact us

Packexe SMASH


Key product features


At the heart of the system is a high-strength plastic film, designed to support glass windows when broken or removed from their frames.


Packexe SMASH’s specially-formulated adhesive grips equally well in all weather conditions, wet or dry.


With perforations set at every 100mm, Packexe SMASH film is easily detached from the roll. Perforated film ensures accurate application, which reduces wastage.


The unique dispenser completes the Packexe SMASH system, which is currently the subject of a patent application. Ergonomically designed and easy to use, Packexe SMASH can be applied in seconds by one person.

Double rollers

Double foam rollers follow the vehicle contours for smooth “laminated” coverage, minimising air bubbles. This roller technology brings the film into the closest possible contact with the glass, ensuring that, when the glass breaks, fragments stay in place.