Packexe® Sharpswrap®
Rapid Sharps protection

Rapid sharps protection for fire brigades and rescue services

  • For use in any rescue situation
  • Effective cover for sharp edges and points
  • Reduces injury risk
  • Protects casualties and rescuers
  • Covers metal and glass
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Up to 50 applications per 30m (100ft) roll
  • High-visibility yellow


Packexe Sharpswrap is an extra-strong self-adhesive film for rapid application to hazardous projections, points and edges in rescue situations.  It is supplied in a compact roll 100mm wide and 30m long (4” x 100’) fitted to a re-usable lightweight applicator.


It can be neatly stored in rescue equipment bags, haversacks or belt-pouches for instant availability when needed and does away with the need for heavy mats or blankets.


Packexe® Sharpswrap® applications


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Sharpswrap® pack

4 rolls Sharpswrap film, 100mm x 30m

1 Sharpswrap dispenser

Packexe product code: 1920/4

Packexe Sharpswrap kit


Cut or broken metal vehicle posts

Window-frames after glass is removed
or broken


Dangerous projections or sharp metal
edges in wrecked vehicles


How to use Packexe® Sharpswrap®



WARNING: Always wear protective gloves


  1. Insert yellow applicator into roll-tube with projecting cardboard section towards handle.
  2. Remove brown wax paper cover.
  3. Holding handle in right hand, unwind 30cm (1’) of film with left hand.
  4. Attach end of film, sticky side, to sharp hazard area.
  5. Place right-hand thumb on projecting cardboard section to control unwinding rate.
  6. Apply film to or wrap it round hazard area.
  7. Maintain 30cm (1’) distance of roll from application site.
  8. Apply 2 or 3 layers, as necessary.
  9. To tear off film from roll, press fingers of left hand on to unwound film, twist and pull roll sharply with right hand.